1.Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business


1. On BUYMA, fashion items awaiting “buyers” are distributed across borders. BUYMA has solved the problem of inventory disposal by matching supply and demand in the apparel industry around the world.
2. From March 2020, we shifted to a remote work-based working style, which has allowed us to reduce the amount of paper we use and become more energy efficient than before. We have also reduced our office space by half, helping us further reduce our environmental footprint.


1. 170,000 personal shoppers in 164 countries are active on BUYMA. We contribute to society by creating jobs around the world and providing people with satisfaction in work.
2. Around half of our employees are women, and we promote diversity. In addition to women, men also take parental leave, creating a comfortable working environment in which employees can enjoy long and rewarding careers.


1. Two of our five directors are outside directors, and all three auditors are outside auditors, making for a highly independent
executive structure.
2. We established our internal systems based on fundamental policies for the establishment of internal control systems. In addition to emphasizing the importance of compliance with laws and regulations, we are focusing on enhancing internal control functions such as internal audits, our internal reporting system, and the Risk Management Committee.

2.Internal Control Policies

In addition to maintaining an exemplary compliance track record, we aim to employ business practices are both fair and efficient while mitigating risk, as well as guarantee financial reporting with integrity. All this is achieved by constructing internal control systems according to the below basic precepts.

Internal Control – Foundational Guidelines (January, 2022)

3.BUYMA Corporate Behavior

BUYMA is a corporate entity seeking economic profit via fair competition. At the same time, we believe our enterprises should be worthy of the international community’s trust. This charter exists to define the standards which form the basis of all our corporate activities―the core ideals we pledge to hold ourselves to.

1.We will develop and deploy products / services which meet the needs of our clientele and contribute to society as a whole. Furthermore, we will do so in a safe manner, ultimately securing both customer satisfaction and trust.
・At all times we will endeavor to analyze the situation from the customer’s perspective, offering quality, cost-optimized products / services which satisfy and advance society.
・When developing, designing, and deploying our products / services, safety will be a top a priority.
・Information concerning our products / services will be conveyed to customers in a clear and concise fashion.
・Customer inquiries will be responded to with sincerity.
・A privacy policy will be laid out by which data pertaining to clients and individuals is properly protected.

2.All corporate activities will be conducted under the guiding values of fairness, transparency, and free competition / market.
・All laws regarding corporate enterprise will be understood, respected, and fully complied with.
・Integrity will be prioritized in all business transactions.
・IPs are to be fairly utilized and protected while respecting the rights of other IP-holders.
・We will neither engage in bribery nor entertain clients with the intention of acquiring unlawful profit. Likewise, we will not accept such offers.
・Our relationship with the government and other political entities will be both lawful and highly transparent.

3.We will maintain communication with the public on a broad scale, relaying BUYMA-related information proactively and conscientiously.
・Important updates will be sent out to stakeholders when necessary, without fail.
・PR will be conducted in a way that encourages a two-way conversation with our global audience.
・Communication with stockholders / investors will be actively encouraged via general shareholder meetings and IR.
・We will not engage in insider trading.

4.Our company will do its best to tackle environmental issues.
・Both within Japan and without, we will strive to develop technologies, products, and services which place minimal burden on the environment. This core tenet will permeate all stages of our business operations in a continuing effort to better our global habitat.
・Preservation of biodiversity and our natural world will remain at the forefront of corporate endeavors.

5.We will strive to contribute to society in the spirit of good corporate citizenship.
・We acknowledge corporations possess strong connections with regional communities through their employees and various corporate endeavors, making such groups integral to our existence. As fellow members of society, we pledge to tackle important social issues of our time and work toward their resolution.
・We will cooperate with partners both in Japan and out to resolve these issues.
・We will take part in a varied spectrum of social action programs.
・We will support our employees in a way that promotes social involvement.

6.We aim to realize a work environment that respects the individuality of each employee, while being safe, productive, comfortable, and fulfilling.
・HR policies and treatment will be fair, helping all employees harness their full potential and feel genuinely happy.
・We will not enact any semblance of prejudice against a person’s gender, age, race, nationality, appearance, disabilities, religion, thoughts, or beliefs.
・The health and safety all employees will be given top priority in order to realize an ideal, accident-free work environment.
・We will support all employees in developing their respective skillsets.

7.Our company acknowledges its societal responsibility and unequivocally condemns all forms of criminal activity, individual or organized.
・No relationships with criminal entities shall be held in any form, and their demands will be rejected. If clients are found to be criminal in nature―be they individuals, corporations, or otherwise―all business dealings with them will be terminated.
・We will cooperate with the appropriate parties to prevent potential damages by such entities upon the company and employees, acting in full accordance with the law.

8.Our company will respect international rules, as well as the culture, customs, and laws of all countries we engage in business with.
・Company actions will firmly adhere to international rules and local laws.
・Local culture and customs will be respected, with business conducted in the spirit of fostering a mutual trust.
・As within our home country of Japan, political relationships beyond our borders will be both lawful and highly transparent.
・We strongly condemn child and forced labor.

Our executives recognize the company’s public presence and consider it their mission to realize the ideals in this charter, lead by example, and maintain an open stance to voices both within and without BUYMA. They also pledge to structure effective internal controls and uphold corporate ethics throughout all levels.Furthermore, should a violation of this charter come to light, they will proactively seek out a solution, as well as the issue’s root cause, enacting measures to prevent future occurrences. Accordingly, information about the matter will be circulated promptly and precisely, with severe penal steps taken―extending to oneself if applicable.


Our mission of creating “new trends that will change the world” implies the below three goals.

1.Innovating to create unique types of value which did not previously exist.
2.Providing services with the potential to change an era.
3.Operating on a worldwide scale to become a truly global venture.

An integral driving force behind the above is a management base which welcomes a diverse array of people. It is necessary that such factors as age, gender, nationality, disabilities, etc., do not divide—and that administrative personnel from all walks of life are present to facilitate this. Diversity is a highly important topic to our managerial framework, and we are especially invested in promoting female advancement.
We are proud to say 2021 saw our female staff display an impressive presence, as detailed below. Moving forward, BUYMA will continue to nurture a corporate culture that puts diversity first.

Percentage of female employees (including part-time staff): 54.9%
Percentage of female employees in (non-executive) managerial positions: 43.8%

5.Other Sustainability Initiatives

Growth investment is an area BUYMA is working on to expand its business horizons and evolve services. Even within the context of growth investment, sustainability is still a priority factor to us.

【Notable Investments】
Subsclife Inc.:Its subscription-based furniture service contributes to the realization of a sound material-cycle society.
Mansaart S.A.S.:An African e-commerce startup behind the SaaS platform ANKA. The company is responsible for stimulating the developing African economy and spearheading the social advancement of women.
iSGS ARISE Limited Partnership:An independent VC with Japan’s first-ever female managing partner. Values diversity, with thirty to forty percent of the companies it invests in having female executives. social-based, cross-border e-commerce platform supporting group purchases.

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