BUYMA is a marketplace for buying fashion items from personal shoppers (exhibitors) around the world. All customers can find special goods they value, including items that are sold out, difficult to find or offered by brands not available in Japan. The English BUYMA website is also steadily expanding its user base, mainly in North America. BUYMA aims to become a marketplace widely used by people all over the world.

buyma travel


BUYMA TRAVEL helps Japanese living abroad provide private local tours to Japanese travelers. So Japanese travelers can experience plans recommended by local residents, such as the latest trendy spots and hidden gems not listed in travel guidebooks. Through unique BUYMA services, people around the world can buy not only goods, but also experiences.



STYLE HAUS offers fashion, lifestyle and cosmetics recommendations based on up-to-the-minute fashion trends around the world and the purchases of over 9.3 million BUYMA members. This makes STYLE HAUS unique from conventional fashion media and explains why it has gained so much support from fashionistas. By attracting STYLE HAUS readers to BUYMA, we will continue to increase the synergies between our media and online sales.

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