No.1 overseas fashion mail order site

BUYMA is a marketplace for buying fashion items from personal shoppers (exhibitors) around the world. All customers can find special goods they value, including items that are sold out, difficult to find or offered by brands not available in Japan.


You can buy the world with BUYMA!

Find items that interest you among products posted daily by personal shoppers around the world, and make special requests to your favorite personal shoppers. While still in Japan, you can feel like you are shopping globally.

16,000 brands and 6.38 million items

We handle limited items only sold in Paris and New York, brands that haven’t entered the Japanese market, and brand items that sell out immediately or prove difficult to find in Japan. Our vast lineup ranges from luxury goods to streetwear and you’re sure to find your own favorites.

BUYMA by the numbers

  • Items 6.38 million
  • Members 9.6 million
  • Brand handled 16,000
  • Registered Personal Shoppers 189,000

Brands handled

Louis Vuitton / BALENCIAGA / PRADA / GUCCI / Nike / CELINE / HERMES / FENDI / CHANEL / Valentino / Saint Laurent / Dolce & Gabbana / kate spade new york / Dior / Jimmy Choo ・・・and more!


Mechanisms for safety, peace of mind and affordability

Less than 0.001% of our brand goods are fakes and we offer a money back guarantee for all fake items through our unique payment system. Other services include free appraisals, returning of goods and compensation for goods that are lost or flawed. Since exhibitors obtain items after confirming customer orders, they face a smaller inventory risk and can keep prices lower.

Not just fashion. A global “Specialty” Marketplace.

With the introduction of BUYMA TRAVEL in 2019, we started offering travel experiences in addition to fashion items. We will continue to build platforms that allow individuals and companies around the world to exhibit their specialties.


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