Disclosure Policy

Enigmo Inc. is committed to positive, prompt and fair disclosure of management information, including management policy, financial information and status of business activities, to all stakeholders, including investors and all the individuals.
Enigmo endeavors to disclose above information in comprehensible way to obtain correct and clear understanding.

1.Basic Policy

Standard of Information Disclosure
In carrying out information disclosure, Enigmo observes the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, other legislation, and rules on timely disclosure defined by the stock exchange(s) on which Enigmo is listed.
In addition to this, Enigmo discloses information not required under rules of timely disclosure, covering such matters as decisions made by the company, events related to the company and items connected to settlement of accounts, in the event that such matters are considered to have the potential impact on investment decisions by investors. Such matters are disclosed as promptly and comprehensively as possible.
Personal information, customer information or information which could offend the rights is excluded from disclosure.

2.Disclosure Practices

Enigmo registers information that requires disclosure pursuant to rules on timely disclosure on the TDnet System of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information disclosed on TDnet is also disclosed on Enigmo’s website as promptly as possible.
Beyond this, Enigmo regularly publishes business reports and annual reports to the shareholders and holds briefing sessions to keep stakeholders informed on its status of business and its progress.

3.Prevention of Insider Trading

Enigmo established internal regulations for information management to prevent insider trading and provides thorough instruction to its employees.

4.Future Outlook

Enigmo sometimes provides guidance concerning its future prospects in addition to profit estimates to be submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Any information meetings, various information materials, speech, questions and answers, or other letters or documents from time to time issued by the company, or the contents of its website may contain information relating to its current plan, future projections, strategies and so on. In any case, all statements that are not historical facts are future projections made based on certain assumptions and its management’s judgment drawn from currently available information, and includes risks and uncertainties. Accordingly, when evaluating Enigmo’s performance or value as a going concern, Enigmo requests that investors do not rely on these projections entirely.
Please note that actual performance may vary significantly from any particular projections, due to various factors.
Enigmo refrains from making any comments to the projections estimated by analysts or other third parties.

5.Quiet Period

In order to prevent the leakage of information regarding the data for the announcement of the account settlement and to ensure fairness, Enigmo fixed Quiet Period between the last day of the every quarter fiscal year end and the date of announcement of quarterly result. However, in the event that Enigmo finds a major discrepancy from projections during the Quiet Period, Enigmo will disclose the relevant information in accordance with the timely disclosure rules.

6.Undisclosed Important Facts

Information released in a financial results briefing for analysts by Enigmo, responses to telephone inquiries, or interviews shall be limited to already released information. Without going through stipulated procedures, Enigmo will never refer to undisclosed material facts.

7. Division in charge

All inquiries by phone and e-mail, and negotiations with institutional investors, etc. are handled centrally by the Corporate Operation Headquarters. From the perspective of communicating accurate information fairly, the disclosure policy will be made thoroughly clear throughout the entire company, and even with regard to insider information, laws and internal rules will be thoroughly observed by implementing in-house study sessions, etc.

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