Privacy Policy


Enigmo will appoint a Chief Privacy Officer to implement efforts to protect personal information.

2.Acquiring, using, and providing personal information

Enigmo will specify the purposes of use of personal information required to conduct business, and will use appropriate means to acquire personal information only within the scope required for the specified purposes of use. Enigmo will use the acquired personal information within the scope of the specified purposes of use, and will take measures to prevent its use for other purposes. Additionally, Enigmo will not provide personal information outside the scope of customers’ consent. However, in cases when laws or the guidelines of government ministries or agencies stipulate that Enigmo must cooperate with the execution of administrative duties, Enigmo may acquire, use, and provide personal information accordingly and without notifying or receiving consent from the owner of the personal information.

3.Announcements regarding the handling of personal information

Enigmo will publicize the types and purposes of use of personal information handled in the course of conducting business, the actions and procedures for requests for disclosure and other handling of personal information subject to disclosure, and the contact point for handling complaints and inquiries about the protection of personal information.

4.Safety control for personal information

Enigmo will take reasonable safety measures to prevent the risk of unauthorized access to, leakage or loss of, and other damage to personal information. Additionally, Enigmo will take appropriate actions to deal with and correct any problems that occur. When Enigmo outsources the handling of personal information to other companies or entities, Enigmo will enter appropriate agreements with, provide guidance to, and manage the contractors to ensure that they use, provide, and manage the safety of the personal information within the scope of the purposes of use.

5.Improving efforts to protect personal information

Enigmo will observe laws, regulations, and guidelines and other standards set out by the national government that apply to the personal information handled by the company. Additionally, Enigmo will conduct employee training, controls, and inspections to ensure the implementation of appropriate efforts to protect personal information, and will strive to continuously improve its management system for protecting personal information by making the required corrections and improvements to any problems that are detected.


Created: February 10, 2004
Revised: January 29, 2015
Enigmo Inc.
Representative Director: Shokei Suda

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