Corporate Philosophy

“New trends that will change the world.”

This mission includes the following three goals.

1. Provide new and unique value that has never existed before.

2. Provide impactful services that change the times.

3. Become a global venture active on a global scale.

At BUYMA, people can “buy” global fashion and “change” fashion around the world*. At BUYMA TRAVEL, people can “buy” travel experiences around the world and “change” the world of travel. BUYMA.US is starting to grow, mainly in the Americas. These services reflect our aspiration, which has continued since our founding in Japan, to become a successful global venture.

Note: In Japanese, the words for “buy” and “change” are pronounced the same.

“Specialty” Marketplace

Enigmo’s new “Specialty” Marketplace is different from conventional markets in terms of both “things” and “people”.
As for “things”, conventional markets deal with all types of products and do not provide detailed support for product selection, evaluation, UI / UX, etc. Our “Specialty” Marketplace, however, focuses on a few specific categories for greater reliability, ease and safety.

As for “people”, traditional markets don’t let individuals sell, thereby limiting the buyer’s choice. Enigmo’s “Specialty” Marketplace removes this barrier to let both corporations and individuals do business utilizing a variety of expertise. This results in a richer, more up-to–date lineup than anywhere else.

Our new market delivers greater “freedom of choice”. When you find something wonderful, you can share it with others. We make it possible to sell from anywhere in the world, and this helps you earn money. You can use your fashion sense to make others happy while also making a living. It’s a new way of life for those who sell.

The world is full of wonderful things and you can discover this the first time you visit our market filled with diverse choices in various styles. You’ll learn new things and can choose whatever excites you. We’ve unleashed the shopping experience for buyers.

Through “Specialty” Marketplace, Enigmo is creating a new trend that will change the world.


Enigmo members pursue our vision and rise to the challenge of realizing our mission in line with our seven value standards.

01Be naughty
Those who change the world do the unexpected. They go beyond convention. Don’t be an adult who defends the status quo. Don’t give in to other people’s opinions. Be as naughty as children.
02Make work more esthetic!
Bring esthetics to your work. Don’t imitate others. Don’t blame others or make excuses. Don’t separate work from life. As with love and life, commit to what you think is cool.
03Grasp the essence!
Take unexpected paths to reach your goals. Set new rules that break old rules and pursue exceptions to make the impossible possible. By grasping the essence of things, you can break other people’s rules and surmount barriers that seemed impenetrable.
04Be open!
Pretense belongs in the 1980s. The era of manipulating information is over. Now it’s fair and open people and companies that survive. Stupidly honest and sincere? That’s right!
05Pursue the real!
If you’re used to deceiving yourself, your words won’t ring true. Your plans will have no heart, and people won’t be moved. Speak honest words that you feel deep inside. Turn them into ideas. This alone will move people.
06Be committed to results!
Where there’s a will, there’s a way. By changing “possible” to “absolutely,” you can see what to do next. Don’t get caught up in the process. Deliver results rather than excuses to attract people and opportunities.
07Break through your limits!
It’s you who decides your limits. If you give up, you can’t grow. Leap as high as you can to break through the Enigmo ceiling!
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