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BUYMA business model and features

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* As of January 31, 2022
BUYMA, which represents the core of our business, is a C2C (consumer to consumer) platform that provides new value. It differs from conventional business structures by commissioning the services of personal shoppers (who purchase displayed items) in a more social model. Our registered personal shoppers, who act as sellers, are mainly Japanese nationals residing overseas who use BUYMA to display appealing items from around the world, such as cutting-edge local items and items that are cheaper than in Japan. Personal shoppers can trade without being exposed to inventory risk by purchasing displayed items only after they have been ordered.
In addition to general personal shoppers, there are premium personal shoppers with especially excellent track records and corporate shops that offer unique lineups and diverse items. So customers can find and purchase items that meet their diverse tastes.

Business model

BUYMA profits from transactions on both ends. About 5% of the item cost (+optional fee) is collected from the end user and 5–7% (depending on status) is collected from the personal shopper as a brokering fee for each transaction.

Service features

  • A rich variety of the latest styles
    Since personal shoppers can sell without inventory risk, a wide range of the latest items are available from 166 countries worldwide. These items reflect the tastes of 189,000 personal shoppers and cover a massive variety of consumer interests. Moreover, personal shoppers can quickly recognize changing trends and stock the latest items. We now have a diverse lineup of over 16,000 registered brands and 6.38 million items as a result, and will continue to expand steadily.
  • Personal shoppers
    BUYMA lets customers choose from over 189,000 fashion-sensitive personal shoppers in 166 countries around the world to find those matching their tastes. Personal shoppers provide dedicated support from purchase to delivery to help end users in Japan rapidly follow global trends and coordinate their own unique looks.
  • Inventory efficiency
    Until now, shoppers had no choice but to give up on items that were out of stock, unavailable in their size or too difficult to obtain. BUYMA personal shoppers in 166 countries around the world can procure items locally to enable virtual consolidation of globally scattered inventory and a significant expansion of purchasing opportunities for consumers.
  • Value for money
    Since there are no stores or intermediaries, items can be provided at close to local prices. Competition among personal shoppers also helps keep prices low.
  • Scalability
    In addition to personal shoppers around the world, we have product assortment strategies that reflect Japanese trends, personal shopper recruiting and education, SEO specialists raising search engine rankings, social media marketing in collaboration with models and celebrities, and comprehensive PR through magazines, TV and more. Through low-cost operations that take full advantage of social, marketing and other technology, we can efficiently increase the scale of transactions and achieve high profitability.
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